Acoustic Gospel Volume 1

    1. All About You - Intro (by Aundrea Nyle)
    2. Every Night (by Neil Wilson)
    3. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Natalie Phillps)
    4. Start All Over (Anthonia Edwards)
    5. Until That Day Comes (by Folu, Hill City Mass Choir)
    6. You Alone Are God (by Rachel McFarlane)
    7. What Women Want (by DM Squared, Bukola)
    8. Go Tell It (by Meridian Flo)
    9. GOD and me (by Mercy)
    10. If Anybody's Thinking Of Giving Up (by Ayo-Dele Ajana, Alabastar
    11. From My Heart (by Emmanuel Edwards)
    12. Not Today (by Wayeta Pilgrim)
    13. I Will Sing (by Femi Temowo, Remmie)
    14. All About You- Outro (by Aundrea Nyle, Mercy, Lois Kirby, Lsabelle Roux

         Acoustic Gospel Volume 2

      1. Intro (by Akin, Tola)
      2. First Love (by Bianca Rose)
      3. Preacherman (by Ayodele Edwards)
      4. My Way (by Matt Parry)
      5. All That I am (by Zoe Oputah)
      6. 'Tis So Sweet (by Paula Wallen)
      7. Sent From Above (by Jaz Ellington)
      8. Trust in Me (by Maria Martin, Anita Long)
      9. Rock Tonight - Fire (by Four Kornerz, Mercy)
      10. Interlude (by Aram Goedhart, The Voices from DRC
      11. Holy Holy Holy (by Aundrea Nyle)
      12. Bow My Knee (by All 'Bout Christ (ABC)
      13. My Soul (by MoTru)
      14. Yes You Can (by Gkreal)
      15. Gratitude (by OBY)
      16. Always Worship You (by Aderonke Adebanjo)
      17. I Receive Your Love (by Hillsong Church London)
      18. Outro (by Voices from DRC)

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